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Hi, I’m Nancy…

I’m a 40-something empty-nester, mother of an amazing college Junior, and wife of a handsome engineer husband. I love coffee in the mornings, a glass of red wine at night, and spending time with our two dogs, Sam and Violet. My husband’s job requires moving frequently, so after spending the majority of my life in Northern California, I now get to spend time living all over the United States.

…and I’m a yarnaholic.

My beloved Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was twelve. Well, I guess I should say that she tried to teach me.  I held my hook funny (overhand) and let’s not discuss how I tension my yarn! Grandma was “old-school”, so she nearly gave up on me, but her love of crochet stuck! Since then, I’ve almost always had a project or two (or ten) going.  I probably even have some yarn left over from those early, awkward beginnings. OH! The YARN! My yarn stash would rival those of many other crocheters, sometimes to the chagrin of my husband (remember, we move…A LOT). But it makes me oh so happy!

Get Tangled Up with me.

I can’t wait to share my thoughts, designs, and projects! My goal is to bring the crochet world to you in any way I can. By visiting other designers, fiber artists, and specialty stores, I hope to help you find inspiration wherever your path may lead you. So grab a cup of coffee or tea (or maybe some wine), and enjoy!

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